It will take a little time to build up your roster of regular recurring Customers and growing your Micro-Business is not just our responsibility, it is yours too. If you don't put the work in, you won't get the reward.

  • You don't start our with a full roster of Customers.
  • Don't worry... we got your back!

When you join our network you'll automatically get enrolled in our Zero to Fifty Program.  It takes you from just starting out in our network with zero house cleaning income to being on track to earning fifty thousand per year! Just a few parts of the Zero to Fifty program are:

  • Bi-Weekly Business Development Meeting: This is a group zoom meeting where we'll go over simple and easy things you can do that will boost your micro-business quickly.

  • Bi-Weekly Zero to Fifty E-newsletter: This is packed with tips, hacks and techniques that will grow your micro-business... fast.

  • Monthly Private Coaching Meeting: This optional zoom meeting is one on one with your success coach where you'll discuss your progress and be kept accountable.

In areas where we are already well established you'll get bookings just because you are in our network and, of course, we still do traditional marketing such as google ads, social media ads, organic social media marketing plus much more.

However, ultimately, it is up to you to be professional, reliable and do great work every day and actively participate in our Zero to Fifty Program.  If you do then you'll never have to worry about having as many Customers as you want and you'll be a top producer in no time at all!