Highest Payouts In Canada

You'll earn the highest payouts, on average, in the entire industry.  There is no complicated payout system. We simply bill our Customers an hourly rate for every hour that our Professional House Cleaners clean their homes and then payout to them 80% of that.  Easy and simple!  We call it our 80/20 Split.

  • Weekly Payouts
  • Direct Deposit On Fridays

Earn A Living Wage

We're proud to pay out a living wage and not minimum wage or marginally higher.  We believe Canadians should be able to earn enough to meet their needs in relation to the actual real cost of living in their area. 

To us, this means having food security, being able to purchase a reliable car, being able to purchase group health insurance, being able to take a vacation without worrying about finances, being able to put away money for retirement and, of course, being able to save to purchase your own home.

Part-Time (20 Hours/Week)

  • $21.31/Hour or $21,312/Year (before tips)*
  • 24.17/Hour or $24,169/Year (with tips)*

Full-Time (35 Hours/Week)

  • $21.31/Hour or $37,312/Year (before tips)*
  • $24.17/Hour or $42,296/Year (with tips)* 

*These are approximations only. Earnings vary from person to person.

*You can work as little or as much as you like and are not limited to just 35 hours per week.


Sponsorship Recruitment Program

Our awesome Professional House Cleaners are what make us stand out from the crowd so who better to help us grow, by recruiting new people to our network, than our existing Professional House Cleaners? Anyone you recruit to join our team will get the same 80/20 split as you but you'll also get, on top of your regular earnings for cleaning, an extra monthly sponsorship cheque for 6.75%* of what we bill your recruits out for!

  • Get a monthly payout of 6.75% of what we bill your recruits out for*

The best part is all your recruit has to do is go to our website career page, apply and list your name as the person who referred them. That's it!

  • Recruit someone once, get paid over and over again*

Just to give you an idea of how powerful our Sponsorship Recruitment Program is let's assume that the average Professional House Cleaner you recruit works just 27.5 hours per week for 50 weeks a year. Here are some examples of what your sponsorship earnings would look like:

  • 2 recruits = $412 extra per month = $4,944 extra per year*
  • 4 recruits = $824 extra per month = $9,888 extra per year*
  • 8 recruits = $1648 extra per month = $19,776 extra per year*

*Sponsor must be maintain at least part-time status in our network.

*Sponsorship recruitment program payouts are monthly by cheque.

*Estimates only. Sponsorship earnings will vary from person to person